Pattern Design Usage License

Whether you use patternCooler for a commercial or non-commercial project, I am always keen to hear how people are making use of this resource. I'm always keen to collaborate with other sites and individuals selling and creating products bearing patterned designs. One of my aims for this site is to link through to third parties selling products carrying patternCooler designs for a small commission.

Digital Non-Commercial Projects

For digital non-profit-making projects I am happy to make my resource available for free and if you want to show your appreciation by making a small donation then that is fantastic and very gratefully received. This site would not exist if it were not for all those developers who spend time freely offering their skills and knowledge; replying to threads on coding forums and posting tutorials that novice developers like me use on a daily basis. It is my wish to be able to return something of value back to the the net and keep the core of patternCooler freely available to all. Inbound links to patternCooler are also welcomed where a donation is not possible.

Digital Commercial Projects

I am happy to let those who use patternCooler for small profit-making ventures to evaluate how much value my patterns are adding to their project and donate accordingly. However, it is my specific request that those who do use this resource to increase the profitability of their product do contribute something back to this project. Without the generous support of its users, the PatternCooler resource would not continue to be developed and its potential to become a truly great and useful resource for all designers would not be realised.

Commercial Printed - Low Volume License

For small business only wanting to print my designs on a relatively small number of products I have devised a simple advanced commission license. A flat rate commission that can be negotiated will be paid for every item sold carrying any pattern from my patterncooler library. Each item can carry a different pattern if desired, so there is no limit to the number of themes or color variations used. Advanced payment is made for 100 items. If for example a flat rate of 5 was agreed, a advance of 500 would mean 100 items could be sold carrying any combination of my patterns. The license can be renewed after each subsequent 100 items sold.

Commercial Printed - High Volume License

Below you will find a pricing table that should serve as a guideline only for companies wanting to carry my designs on their products. For individuals wanting to print my designs on low volume products then a specific license can be arranged to meet your requirements and budget. An unlimited printing licenses can also be quoted for on request.

Printed Patterns License
Pricing for printing up to 10,000 products
Number of Patterns Required 1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
From existing PatternCooler Library 70 60 52 46 42 40
Commission new design that can be shared on 90 80 72 66 62 60
Commission new design for exclusive use 210 180 156 138 126 120

It might be that I am able to provide more suitable design files than what are available on the the site or help with the promotion of a product. I am open to ways of working together for mutual benefit. As indicated in the table I am keen to take design commissions and willing to sell designs with an exclusivity licence where required.